What if Future Hall of Famer FS Brian Dawkins Rejoined the Philadelphia Eagles?

By Joe Doris
Jeffrey G. Pittenger-USA TODAY Sports

Now, who doesn’t like to see a good ol’ fashioned comeback?

Michael Jordan. Vinny Testaverde. Andy Pettitte. Randy Moss. Roger Clemens.

All legendary professional athletes who returned to the sport they love, and made a significant contribution to their team following a premature retirement. (I very purposely failed to list QB Brett Favre due to the pompous, dragged-out and simply annoying nature of his eventual retirement.)

So at the ripe age of just 39 years old, give me one good reason why future Hall of Famer FS Brian Dawkins shouldn’t return to the Philadelphia Eagles in a monumental comeback campaign.

I guarantee you that Dawkins, a storied exercise freak, has kept himself in excellent shape over the past year and a half, following his retirement at the end of the 2011 season. Even though Dawkins spent his final three NFL seasons with the Denver Broncos, the 6-time All-Pro, 11-time Pro Bowler decided to sign a one-day contract with his beloved Eagles in April 2012 so that he could retire as a Bird.

If Dawkins were to make a valiant and glorious return to the gridiron, I can guarantee that he would compete for no other team but the Eagles, with whom he played his first 13 seasons.

The Eagles haven’t been able to find any sort of solution at free safety since Dawkins left in 2009, and they would gladly welcome the big dog back with open arms if he ever said the word.

But until that fairy-tale comes true, the Eagles’ brand new coaching staff must find an actual, realistic solution for their miserably incompetent defensive secondary.


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