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10 Reasons Pittsburgh Steelers Will Place at the Bottom of the AFC North

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10 Reasons Pittsburgh Will Place at the Bottom of the AFC North

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Steeler Nation is under the assumption that now the reset button has been pushed with the upcoming season just around the corner. Fans are under the impression that they will just automatically return to greatness and win the AFC North with ease. Newsflash Pittsburgh Steelers’ fans: The AFC North will never be the same! For years the Baltimore Ravens have been on your coattails, trying to steal the AFC North crown. The Cincinnati Bengals have been working hard for respect and the Cleveland Browns, well let’s just call the baby ugly. Anything around .500 for them is considered reason for a parade. In the past there was absolutely no competition coming from the AFC North for the six-time Super Bowl Champs.

Just ask linebacker Lamarr Woodley who arrogantly responded on NFL Network about Joe Flacco’s chances of ever getting to a Super Bowl two years ago. “In order for them to get to the Super Bowl, they have to beat us, and we're not gonna let that happen once we get that close. So that's not gonna happen in this lifetime”. The ridiculously large ring on Flacco’s hand would beg to differ.

Pittsburgh’s days of bullying the rest of the division and reserving their spot in the postseason are over. There are 10 reasons I believe that the uphill battle for the Steelers will be entirely too much for the “Black and Yellow” to overcome. With all of the offseason changes this team has had, the only place this squad is going is to the bottom of the AFC North. That’s right folks, not second, not second to last but dead bottom of the barrel, where the sticky icky is last. Yes, I know it’s a bold prediction, but while Pittsburgh sat idly by, having a completely sub-par year due to injuries, the rest of the division got better. Hold on to those “terrible towels” because Pittsburgh, you are in for some heartbreak this season.

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#10 Emmanuel Sanders Is Not A Starter

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With Mike Wallace taking his talents to the Miami Dolphins, Emmanuel Sanders is expected to perform at a high level but will fail to do so. Sanders is a No. 3 WR and nothing more.

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#9 Cleveland Browns' Defense

Browns' D
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland ranked first in the AFC North in interceptions with 17, and they also had more sacks than Pittsburgh last season. The defense they are bringing makes this "Steel Curtain" look like a set of flimsy drapes.

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#8 Trent Richardson

Trent Richardson
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The NFL rules may have changed concerning RBs and their helmets; however, Pittsburgh still won't be able to tackle this guy. Look for Richardson to rack up the yardage against the "Black and Yellow".

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#7 Cinci's Defense

Cinci's D
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Geno Atkins is leading a bunch of nasty smash-mouth maulers. These men will dismantle anyone under center and they have their eyes set on both Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco.

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#6 A.J. Green

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Andy Dalton to A.J. Green will soon be a household saying; it will also be the reason Steelers' fans go home and cry into their "Terrible Towels after a loss. Green doesn't discriminate when it comes to the ball; if there happens to be a couple bumble-bee dressed corners lurking around when it's in the air, he's coming down with it. Ike Taylor and Cortez Allen just can't handle this monster of a receiver.

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#5 Elvis is now in the North

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This 5'11 Louisville product has been known to wreak havoc on opposing QBs. Roethlisberger will be no different. As long as Elvis Dumervil is in the AFC North, someone get "Big Ben" a pillow; he will be down for a while.

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#4 and #3 Suggs and Ngata

Suggs and Ngata
Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESS

When these two are healthy, we all know Steeler Nation is hating life. Both men have made their millions off of making Roethlisberger's life miserable; look for this trend to continue.

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#2 Flacco is now among the Elite

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

With Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco pushing that 120.6 million dollar arm around, Steeler fans must understand that Baltimore will no longer be riding shotgun in this Division. Pittsburgh has thrown everything at Flacco and he is still standing. His talents will prove he no longer has a reason to fear the "Black and Yellow" bullies up the street.

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#1 Big Ben Can't Stay Healthy

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Is this pose familiar or what? Roethlisberger is constantly being walked or carted off the field. It's because of his gameplay. He's a very hard guy to tackle but people eventually do get to him, hence the ugly shot above. You cannot expect to win the AFC North if your QB is not healthy.