Baltimore Ravens' Wilbert Montgomery Makes Over-The-Top Comments On Bernard Pierce

By Wola Odeniran
Bernard Pierce
Robert Deutsch- USA Today Sports

Baltimore Ravens Bernard Pierce has made a name for himself in the backfield with his terrific performance in the playoffs on the way to the team’s Super Bowl win. He’s made a name for himself so much that Raven fans, and even coaches in the organization are comparing him to Adrian Peterson.

Yes, Peterson.

All of this started when the Ravens were preparing for the Super Bowl when running backs coach Wilbert Montgomery aired his thoughts on Pierce to USA Today two days prior to the team winning it all. “Pierce is my dark horse,” Montgomery noted. “A year from now, everybody is going to want to know who he is. Right now, he’s the poor man’s Adrian Peterson.”

 I don’t know about that. Honestly, I don’t think there is a back in this league that is comparable to Peterson or even in NFL history. Now I could always be wrong, but its a bit of a stretch to put Pierce that category right now don’t you think?  With many raving about Pierce’s potential, you can’t help but wonder if the Ravens may use Pierce as a ploy to move on from Ray Rice if the situation presents itself sooner than expected.

Rice signed a five year deal worth 40 million before the start of the 2012 season, and the Ravens have already talked about Pierce getting more carries. Either way, its too early to even consider Pierce a poor man’s Peterson at this point, but there is no doubt the Ravens have a gem that has the ability to be a top-10 back in this league.

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