Chip Kelly's Hand Signals Could Be Fun To Watch For The Philadelphia Eagles

By Joseph Hickman
Chip Kelly  Oregon Ducks
Mark J. Rebilas-USA Today Sports

So many new things are coming our way this year for the Philadelphia Eagles.  We got a brand new offense, defense, and coaches. There will be so many new activities to see. I am not sure if activities actually fits there, but I just love the movie “Step Brothers”, so I am going with it. Moving on. The one new thing that I am interested in seeing is Chip Kelly‘s hands signals.

Kelly was obviously known for his rapid-fire, no-huddle offense at the University of Oregon. His teams were often moving so quickly that they would use over-sized signs to signal in the next play call from the sidelines. How much will the Eagles offense resemble the Ducks?  I mean it is truly anyone’s guess this year. However, Kelly is looking to bring pieces, if not the whole system, over from college where it was historically good to the Ducks. This will be interesting to see how the signs work and who actually needs to see them. Believe it or not, the  one that doesn’t really need to see them is the quarterback. Whomever that will be for the Eagles, either Michael Vick, Nick Foles or Matt Barkley, they will have Pat Shurmur giving them the play through the head set.

So 10 out of 11 players will be looking to the sideline for the play before every snap.  Actually, according to some reports, the wide receivers, running backs and the tight ends will have little communication if any with the quarterback. Why, you might ask. The answer being, so that the rapid-fire, no-huddle offense can run at a high efficiency level. What about if the opponents pick up on the signals? That is wgere the placards come in.  What the hell is a placard?  I didn’t know either until I googled it. They are featured photos of professional athletes, celebrities, TV personalities, wild animals and so on. According to, the placards came into play because of the loss to Ohio State. At the time Kelly thought that Ohio State was stealing his signs. This dude really does think outside the box. I can see it now, Kelly holds up a picture of the “Kardashians” and DeSean Jackson replies: “Man, I love me some Kardashians”.

I am not sure if Kelly will use the placards for the Eagles, but if he does, it will be entertaining  as hell.

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