Cincinnati Bengals Gearing Up For HBO’s Hard Knocks

By Michael Terrill
Cincinnati Bengals Gearing Up For HBO’s Hard Knocks
David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals will once again be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks, a television show that goes inside the world of an NFL training camp. The difficulty the Bengals will face, especially the younger players, is focusing on the task at hand instead of trying to get noticed on television. The fact is if the players want to get noticed for the right reasons then they have to step up their game in camp.

There is no question the intriguing stories are what drives the television show. The cameraman will try to remain invisible, but at the same time, they will attempt to capture any drama that may occur on and off the gridiron. It is up to the coaching staff to keep the players focused, while it is up to the players to stay out of trouble. Nobody wants to be the Chad Johnson of last year’s Hard Knocks in which he got into legal trouble, made a fool of himself on more than one occasion and was cut from the team on camera.

Fullback Chris Pressley, one of the stars from 2009’s Hard Knocks, will be featured once again. Even though Pressley does not want the cameras to be focused on him, it is something that he will have to deal with while fighting for a roster spot.

“We all watched the first one at Georgetown, but I don’t like watching myself on TV,” Pressley said, according to “I don’t really like the spotlight. I’d rather just do my work. I’d rather not be recognized.

“One day when I’m sitting back, I’ll show my kids. It’s for memory sake. It’s a cool thing.”

Distractions are a huge part of the game of football. There is no denying that Hard Knocks is a massive distraction during a critical part of the season. With that being said, if utilized correctly it is a way for the players to get mentally tougher prior to the start of the regular season.

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