Philadelphia Eagles’ Chip Kelly Will Allow Quarterback Competition to Play Out

By Michael Terrill
Philadelphia Eagles’ Chip Kelly Will Allow Quarterback Competition to Play Out
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has yet to name a No. 1 quarterback, which is something he is in no rush to do. In fact, he is completely content going through camp without the quarterbacks listed as numbers on a depth chart. Everyone will be given a fair opportunity to compete for the starting job. And even when a starter is named for Week 1, Kelly still could change his mind mid-season if the production is not there.

“Who was the starting quarterback last year going into camp for the 49ers?” Kelly said, according to “And who was the starting quarterback who finished the season? Who was the starting quarterback [in camp] for the Seattle Seahawks? Matt Flynn. Who was the starting quarterback [at the end of the season]? Russell Wilson. Now, (Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll) are two guys that I respect the heck out of, I’ve coached against both of those guys. They’re tremendous coaches. They named their starting quarterback and then they had a competition, and the other guy won the job. If I name one, what am I going to gain?”

It would certainly be quite surprising if Michael Vick was not named the starter at the beginning of the season, but stranger things have happened. Kelly is determined to go with the quarterback that will give his football team the best chance to win. If someone proves in camp that they are more capable than Vick then that person will be taking snaps under center during the regular season.

“I reserve the right to change anything,” Kelly told “The best players play, and just because you’re the starter, you still need to understand that it’s always on the line. It’s on the line every single day for you.”

There is no question this type of competition will bring out the best in every player, which is something that will certainly benefit the Eagles during the season.

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