Tom Brady and the New England Patriots Will Be Just Fine in 2013

By Ryan Heckman


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone and their mother won’t shut up about how scary this season could be for the New England Patriots now that they’re without Wes Welker, Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski — for a while, at least — who were their top three options in the passing game in 2012.

It seems even Patriots fans are all up in a riot because their team let a stud wide receiver go and their biggest headline of the offseason was signing backup quarterback Tim Tebow. New England fans have seemed to lose their cool and are buying into all of the hype that the Patriots have no chance next season.

Well, I’ve got news for you Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith-esque fans: Tom Brady.

What? You don’t understand? I’ll explain.

People, we’re talking about a quarterback who has gotten better and better over the last decade and continues to make his teammates better while he’s at it. Brady is a future Hall of Fame quarterback for a reason, and he won’t let his team skip a beat in 2013.

But who is he going to throw the ball to? The only established option is Danny Amendola if he stays healthy!

Hello? Do you not remember the 2003 Super Bowl?

This is a guy who won the big game with Troy Brown and Deion Branch as his top two wide receivers. Heck, running back Kevin Faulk had more catches on the year than Brown and he wasn’t even that special.

Brady has the ability to make every single person on that roster better — yes, even you Tebow.

I don’t see why he can’t take a bunch of no-name guys and Amendola to the Super Bowl in 2014. Believe me, I am one of the biggest anti-Brady, anti-Patriots and anti-Bill Belichick football fans you will ever meet. So, before you go and assume I am a giant New England fanboy, think again.

I’m simply making a point that deserves to be made. There is no need to freak out over the lack of talent surrounding Brady this year. He’s a big boy. He’ll get it done.

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