Baltimore Ravens: Terrence "Mount" Cody is about to be Leveled

By Jermaine Lockett
Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens took a chance on the sloppiest looking player to come out of the 2009 NFL draft in hopes that he would produce big. The idea of lining the massive 360 pounds of Terrence Cody up beside the 340 pounds of Haloti Ngata looked very promising. Unfortunately, promise is all that was given with the former Alabama player.

Cody has struggled with his game play so much that he was beat out for his position by 33-year-old Ma’ake Kemoeatu. That is not a knock on Kemoeatu; however, when the Ravens spend a 2010 second-round pick on a player, the expectations are that he is not beat out of a starting spot by an undrafted free agent from 2002. Cody only started three games in 2012; he totaled 12 solo tackles on the season with zero sacks.

Now with training camp around the corner, Cody faces a new challenger. The hungry 2013 NFL Draft third-round selection, Brandon Williams from Missouri Southern has pushed his way into the eyes of Ravens’ scouts and now has a great opportunity to become a starter in the NFL. “Mount” Cody stands in his way, or does he? Williams’ build is completely different than that of Cody. Williams has a solid athletic frame that is well put together; while Cody’s frame is big but he carries a lot on his belly and lacks definition. Fortunately, the winner of the competition will be determined by who has more discipline on the line, in the playbook as well as the weight room.

This is a contract year for Cody; should he fail to produce, he may not be resigned. Ozzie Newsome may feel that losing $280,000, by cutting Cody prior to the start of the season may be the right decision. All of that will be determined by his performance come training camp.

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