Buffalo Bills: What's the Fate of Safety Jairus Byrd Without Long-Term Deal?

By Scott DelleFave
Jairus Byrd
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Today, the deadline to give out a long-term deal for franchise players came and passed without the Buffalo Bills signing star free safety Jairus Byrd to a long-term deal. As a result, a lengthy holdout will likely happen. Since being drafted in 2009, Byrd has been the lynchpin of the Bills secondary to say the least as he has had 18 interceptions.

Byrd still can sign his franchise tag and play in 2013, however, it seems like that he will do it at the latest possible date due if he holds out for the entire year, he won’t get a season served and would remain a part of the Bills. It will be interesting to see if he does sign the franchise tag this year and make 6.916 million dollars or if the Bills find a team that will sign him and give back big and fair enough compensation for Byrd. Also, the Bills were smart in this year’s draft as they took Duke Williams and Jonathan Meeks just as an insurance policy. Additionally, defensive coordinator Mike Pettine Jr. likes several defensive sets with three safeties.

Buffalo Bills general manager Doug Whaley said the following about the deadline coming and going, “We worked very hard to come to a long-term agreement with Jairus, but unfortunately were unable to reach one before today’s deadline.”

Also, there was only one franchised player that actually got a long-term deal and that was offensive tackle Ryan Clady of the Denver Broncos and he received a five-year, 52.5 million dollar contract with 33 million of it guaranteed.

All and all, it will be interesting to watch this play out this year and maybe Jairus comes to his senses and signs on sooner than later.

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