Kansas City Chiefs Inexplicably Ranked Higher than San Diego Chargers in PFT Power Rankings

By Anthony Blake
Mike McCoy San Diego Chargers
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It’s been hard to be a fan of the San Diego Chargers over the past few seasons. Norv Turner and A.J. Smith’s reign of terror over the franchise ultimately weighed the team down and forced ownership’s hand into finally making a complete front office change this offseason. One would think that the moves they have made in terms of personnel as well as on the sidelines would aid the team’s cause in most power rankings, right?

Apparently not.

Believe it or not, PFT actually has AFC West foes, the Kansas City Chiefs, ranked above the Bolts in their first power rankings installment.

Now I know things have been bad recently, but there is absolutely no way that a team that just held the number one overall pick – given to the team with the worst record during the previous regular season, mind you – should be ranked above the Bolts. San Diego thoroughly hammered Kansas City in both meetings last season winning by 17 points in Week 4 and 18 points in Week 9.

Maybe these rankings were put out just to elicit some shock value, but honestly believing that the Chargers are a worse football team than the Chiefs is asinine.

Matt Cassel is gone which will give them another win or two on its own, but I’m not buying into the Andy ReidAlex Smith lovefest whole-heartedly just yet. Smith played just well enough to nearly wind up out of the league after once being drafted first overall, and Reid, well he coached his Philadelphia Eagles to a sterling 4-12 record last season. No matter how many Pro Bowlers the Chiefs want to claim to have had a season ago (they had six), that obviously doesn’t win football games.

If there is any team that knows potential doesn’t mean squat between the white lines on Sundays, it’s the Chargers. For years the Bolts were built up as the chic Super Bowl pick among pundits throughout the league, but those expectations never panned out because there is a difference between potential and actual performance.

These Bolts shouldn’t be judged by the performance of the previous regime. Mike McCoy has already made a great impression on the squad and general manager Tom Telesco had a spectacular 2013 NFL Draft by all accounts this past April. This duo of 40-year-olds is leading the Chargers back in the right direction.

Philip Rivers isn’t getting any younger, but his turnover prone past under Turner’s watch is ancient history. This team is going to highlight Rivers’ strong points rather than exposing his weaknesses in the upcoming season. There is absolutely no way that the Chiefs finish ahead of the Chargers in 2013, and you can take that to the bank.

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