Minnesota Vikings WR Jerome Simpson is a Wild Card

By Andrew Fisher
Jerome Simpson
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

You never know what you’re going to get from some players. ‘Streaky’ is often a word used to describe players who show up one week and not the next, but I think a better term is ‘wild card.’ Every team has a couple of these guys, and the Minnesota Vikings have Jerome Simpson.

The speedy wide receiver is as athletic as they come, possessing leaping abilities very few human beings do. The now famous ‘flip play’ from a few years back is Simpson at his finest, but when he’s at his worst, he simply can’t catch a dang thing. Dropped passes became his hallmark in 2012, and to call him fortunate for getting another shot with the Vikings this year, would be an understatement.

Let’s be honest, though, Minnesota needs receivers and Simpson is worth one more year and $2.1 million. He has the talent to be a successful NFL receiver, it’s now just a matter of putting it all together. He says the back injury that hindered him in 2012 is all healed and that his explosiveness has returned. This is good news for Vikings’ fans, but explosiveness has little to do with catching the ball.

Working with proven veteran Greg Jennings should be beneficial to Simpson, as he should set good examples and have a plethora of football knowledge to share. Playing opposite of Jennings won’t hurt Simpson’s chances of on-field success, either.

It’s still unclear if Simpson can shed his reputation as a wild card, but this is most certainly his last chance to do it in Minnesota.


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