Greg Jennings Continues His Support of Christian Ponder, Speaks the Truth on QB

By Andrew Fisher
Greg Jennings
Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Jennings has been nothing but honest since he signed with the Minnesota Vikings. He’s made no bones about his decision to leave the Green Bay Packers, saying that it was just time for him to move on. Jennings is starting a new chapter in 2013 and to symbolize it he changed his jersey number to 15. The biggest change for the veteran wide receiver, though, will be his quarterback.

Jennings has had the privilege of catching passes from MVP-caliber quarterbacks his entire career, and Vikings’ QB Christian Ponder, isn’t exactly quite there yet. But as he’s done since he signed on the dotted line to play in Minnesota, Jennings again has defended his new QB:

“He’s always been in a position to where the stress and the pressure was on him and he really didn’t have the help around him to take that load off outside of All Day (Adrian Peterson). That’s it.”

Outside of Percy Harvin, Jennings’ comments are spot on. Ponder has had very little to work with in his first two years. He took over a terrible Vikings’ squad midway through the 2011 season and last year the front office did very little to improve the team’s receiving corps.

But now with Jennings and first round round draft pick Cordarrelle Patterson available for the third-year QB, things are expected to start turning around. The group of receivers that Ponder has to work with isn’t a top-tier group, but it will be by far the best he’s had in three years.

I believe we’ll see Christian Ponder take a step forward this season and Greg Jennings will be a big reason why. His wealth of football knowledge is going to be absorbed by not only his QB, but also his young teammates.


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