Miami Dolphins’ Lamar Miller won’t live up to expectations in 2013

Lamar Miller

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The weight of the world appears to be on Lamar Miller’s shoulders.

With Reggie Bush out of the picture, Miller has been burdened with expectations of a monster breakout season, something the Miami Dolphins’ sophomore running back simply doesn’t have in him. That’s not to say he won’t have a good season in 2013, but the bar has simply been set too high.

It’s clearly been a big offseason for Miller, who seems to be at the top of every “Breakout Candidate” list around the blogosphere. He worked out with fellow Miami (Fl) alumni Frank Gore, who was massively impressed with the sophomore. Even running back guru Pete Bommarito referred to Miller as the fastest ball-carrier he’s seen, so the hype is pretty high at this point.

Despite the flood of praise for Miller, the sophomore doesn’t have it in him. With only 51 NFL carries and 250 yards to his name, the former Hurricane is still a long ways from being the type of impact runner that he’s being built up as. Especially as a player who went pro after only one year as a college starter, the physical tools that he possesses are far from fully developed.

While some may see the presence of backups Daniel Thomas and Mike Gillislee as a good thing, it’ll only take away from the touches that Miller has to meet these unreasonable expectations. Unless they’re used strictly as role players – Thomas in short-yardage and Gillislee in scatback situations – their presence in the offensive gameplan is only going to lower Miller’s confidence as the starter.

Training camp will give us all a clearer picture of just how prepared Miller is to take over as the Dolphins’ featured running back. With a promising offseason full of praise, the second-year speedster out of Miami looks to be headed for a big year. If you’re expecting a record-breaking season where Miller racks up astronomical numbers, though, prepare to be disappointed.

There’s no denying that Miller is a talented back capable of big things. Still, his rawness and lack of experience will keep him from being the über-productive runner the Dolphins are hoping for in 2013.

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  • Connie Jenkins

    Give it up Gil and leave Miller alone. You don’t have no crystal ball that tells you how he’ll do this season so who the hell are you to talk. Miller will be one hell of a running back and it all starts with this season when he’ll rush for over 1,000 yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tlonious martilious

    Lol this guy is a senior writer? So I take it the whole website is full of factless opinion chiming?

  • John Dolphan


    No offense, but you are an imbecile… I personally attended the University of Miami and can vouch for Miller as an eye-witness (not somebody who is probly writing articles naked on the couch with a thumb up his butt). Miller was BY FAR the most electrifying player on the field in just about every home-game I’ve gone to… So when you are watching SportsCenter during football season, I hope you still have your thumb up your ass when Miller repeatedly ‘lives up to expectations’ running past defenses ALL DAY!!!




    The hype you’re expexting Lamar to live up to is a Number 2 pick that had his first 1000 yard season with Miami after 6 yrs in league? You need to avaerage barely over70 yds a game to do that. And as far as experience, I’m sure Alfred Morris had the same idiots saying less about him

  • Steven

    You gotta love these “contrarian” writers out there who love to go against the flow. It’s as predictable as the over-hyped offseason players. Lamar Miller’s hype is pretty big, yes, but he is being drafted late 3rd-early 4th in most leagues which is about right. If he busts, you will sound like a smart guy, but if he hits, his ceiling is very high. Well worth the risk for a RB2 with great upside. Kid is explosive.