New York Jets 2013 Season Preview: Week 4 a Winnable Matchup

By Jeremy Goldstein
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

On December 17, 2012, the New York Jets playoff chances were obliterated when they faced the Tennessee Titans. Okay, let’s be honest; they were done as soon as the season began. Mark Sanchez was at his worst – which is actually his normal – and threw four interceptions in one game. And even then, the Jets had the opportunity to win the game! But alas, when the final second had passed, the likes of Steve Young and Trent Dilfer were literally crying with laughter and glee at the Jets defeat. That is how far the organization had sunk.

And that was on Monday Night Football. All on the day after my birthday.

But 2013 will bring new memories, and in week four, it may be the opportunity for revenge. According to my previous article, the Jets will be 1-2 going into the game against the Titans. And given the foreboding middle section of the Jets schedule (which I have taken to calling F.S.P.B.S.) starting in week five, coach Rex Ryan would love to go into the stretch 2-2. But let’s take a look at the factors:

Offensive Factor: Chris Johnson. We all know the potential of “CJ2K.” We all know that he has the ability to go with Adrian Peterson yard for yard. And from the looks of the Titans’ draft, they know it too. In the first round they took a chance on Chance Warmack (get it, get it?) at the guard position and are hoping he can shore up the line to control the line of scrimmage.

Defensive Factor: The Jets linebackers. It will be up to the likes of Demario Davis, Calvin Pace and others to make sure Johnson does not break loose and get to the secondary, because safety is another question mark for the Jets as well. These linebackers must hit harder than the one “John Carter” took at the box office.

X Factor: Bernard Pollard. The former Ravens safety has been very outspoken in his support for his new Tennessee team. A month ago he claimed that the Titans would kill their way to the Super Bowl, and now he is once again claiming Tennessee has the potential to win it all. While I disagree, it will be up to him to back up his words. If he can stabilize the Titans secondary, then Santonio Holmes (who will probably be back in the lineup) and company will have enough trouble, disrupting the Jets offense. Though a chipmunk could probably do that too.

Quarterback Watch: I am a firm believer than Geno Smith will not replace Sanchez until somewhere in the F.S.P.B.S. stretch of the season, so by week four Sanchez will be getting heckled by fans but not displaced by Ryan. The Titans defense might be soft enough to allow a big offensive game for the Jets, however, thus quieting down the pressure.

Final Score: Jets – 20 Titans – 13

Jets Record: 2-2

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