New York Jets: Geno Smith Not Playing Along With Media's Game So Far

By Ryan Heckman


Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, New York Jets rookie quarterback Geno Smith had a few words to say in regards to the media and their reaction to him skipping out on Mark Sanchez’s Jets West camp last week.

When asked if last week’s absence has any relation to the relationship between he and Sanchez, Smith told OchoCinco News Network:

“Me and Mark are cool. No hard feelings or anything. He’s up there getting work with the guys, I’m down here getting work.”

Last week during the camp, the media had asked Sanchez about why Smith wasn’t there and he responded in similar fashion:

“I don’t hold it against any of the guys that can’t make it. There are no hard feelings about anything like that. Greg’s (McElroy) not here. (Matt) Simms isn’t here.”

Sanchez has a point. The media has blown this relationship out of proportion because that’s just what they do in New York, and well, everywhere.

Smith realizes that they have a job to do and made it clear in his conversation with OCNN:

“I think it’s just something to talk about. Right now it’s a dead period, so any type of hype, anything that they can get their hands on, some type of controversy,” said Smith. “The media, they’re just doing their job. They got to create a hot story, they gotta keep the fans interested.”

Well, Smith is right and it sounds like he understands what it takes to concentrate on football and not the media as a young quarterback in the spotlight. Smith added that he is just trying to focus on improving his craft and making himself the best quarterback he can be.

Hopefully for the Jets, Smith can be much better than what his critics think he’ll be. There’s not many that believe he can be an NFL quarterback, but for now, he just needs to keep doing what he’s doing and continue to perfect that craft.

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