Success of Lane Johnson Critical for Philadelphia Eagles to Have Solid 2013 Season

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The success or failure of  rookie Lane Johnson will be of critical importance to the Philadelphia Eagles‘ success or failure in the 2013 season, especially if Michael Vick is the Week 1 quarterback.

Johnson at right tackle will be protecting Vick, a left handed quarterback’s blindside or the area where he can not see the pass rush coming. This is a huge responsibility for a rookie tackle who has only spent three total years along the offensive line at Oklahoma.

Johnson is is still a bit of a raw project. He is a mammoth man with freaky athletic skills that just aren’t seen in a man of that size and stature, but as pointed out earlier he has not been playing the tackle position for a substantial amount of time and thus his technique needs to be refined at the position. This is where offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland factors into the equation. He will be responsible for teaching Johnson leverage, hand placement, and the proper technique in defending the productive pass rushers of the NFC East.

Johnson has a few months to refine his game so that he is ready for the bright lights of Monday Night Football to visit the Washington Redskins on September 9. He seems like a bright, hard working young man so the work ethic and mental make up are both there for Johnson to take the bull by the horns and grab the challenge head on. His mean streak and grit out there on the gridiron will remind some Eagles fans of the great Jon Runyan. If he plays anything like the Eagle legend the Birds will be well on their way to having a successful season in 2013.

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