5 Irreplaceable New Orleans Saints for 2013 NFL Season

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5 Irreplaceable New Orleans Saints for 2013 NFL Season

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Every NFL team has a core of players that the team simply cannot afford to do without. Sometimes those players go down and a surprising replacement shows up to take up the slack but more often than not, the team falters when one of the core men fall. The 2013 New Orleans Saints have young players coming in but they also have that core that is so very important to the overall success of the team.

For the purposes of this slideshow we will look at the five players that the Saints simply could not afford to have to replace during the upcoming season. For a couple of honorable mentions I would like to toss out Roman Harper and Malcolm Jenkins to start. The two Safety positions on the Saints defense have been such a strong part of the team that these two men are extremely important to the success of the team. There are young guys coming in that might fair okay in a replacement situation but no one really wants to try that theory just yet.

There are others of course including Will Smith and Jonathan Vilma that are important but the one that didn’t make this list but is perhaps most important of all, didn’t make the list only because he isn’t a player. He is the head coach Sean Peyton. After last season when everyone, including myself, figured the Saints would be fine without him just to be proven wrong; it is clear how vital this man is to the success of the Saints.

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5-Pierre Thomas-RB

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Though the position of running back is at least a three pronged attack for the Saints, Thomas is the main component of that attack. His combination of speed, quickness and power make him a vital part of the running back position for the Saints. He has averaged right at or more than 5 yards per carry for the last two seasons and the Saints are a much better team when a healthy Thomas is manning the backfield at least one-third of the time.

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4-Jabari Greer-DB

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The Saints defense has gotten a lot of attention over the last few years for being easy to score on and a lot of that is true. Greer however is the man that seems to have a flare for the big play at the right moment to clench a game. When someone has to knock a pass down or intercept one, chances are the man that gets a hand on it will be Greer. He still gets thrown to quite a lot and he doesn’t always make a play but his big play ability is a must have for the Saints defense.

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3-Marques Colston-WR

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In an offense that has several weapons, Colston is the most consistently good, route running receiver for the Saints. He has 4 consecutive 1000 yard receiving seasons and three consecutive seasons with at least 80 receptions. He knows how to run a first down route and holds on to the football. We all know how important that is. It seems strange to say that one receiver could be vitally important to an offense that has so many good ones but Colston is.

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2-Jimmy Graham-TE

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Look around the NFL and to the teams with great Quarterbacks. Almost without fail when you see a great QB, you will see a great tight-end he throws to when he needs a catch the most. Graham is the go-to guy for the best QB in the NFL. He has compiled over 2000 receiving yards and 184 receptions in the last two seasons. A healthy Graham is nearly impossible to cover and as an added bonus he has fumbled three times in his entire career. Need I say more?

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1-Drew Brees-QB

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You knew this was coming. Brees has consistently proven himself not only one of the great QBs in the NFL but also a team player. Last season when the Saints were struggling, he didn’t worry about interceptions as it pertained to his QB rating. He only wanted to win football games. He is a leader and is for my money the absolute best quarterback in the NFL today. Without a doubt he is irreplaceable for this Saints team.

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