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5 Irreplaceable Players for the Philadelphia Eagles During the 2013 NFL Season

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5 Irreplaceable Philadelphia Eagles in 2013

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Coming off of a disastrous 2012 season, finishing 4-12 and in last place in the NFC East, the Philadelphia Eagles are in desperate need of an upgrade in 2013. A large part of the failure which occurred last season was based on the injuries of players which were key to the success of the franchise. Looking ahead, new head coach, Chip Kelly will need the health of his major contributors to make sure that the Eagles are able to turn things around in 2013 and produce a finish worthy of the hype.

Much of the focus will be on the offense going forward. Kelly’s high powered spread offense will create the headlines a majority of the time, but the output of the defense will be a key to a much needed turnaround in Philadelphia. Negativity is something the defense will be trying to avoid all year long, but the depth of high profile offensive names should help in masking the inadequacies of a young and inexperienced defense. Look for Kelly’s offense to take much of the pressure off of the defense by producing memorable drives capped by score after score. The tempo of the game will be a key on both sides of the ball and making sure the key contributors are on the same page as the master Kelly will help to produce the much needed success the Eagles are seeking. Keep an eye on players who seemed to fizzle out during the final games of the Andy Reid era to make a comeback and help the Eagles to reach greatness again.

Here are five players that are absolutely essential to the Eagles finding success in 2013.

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Jeremy Maclin

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Jeremy Maclin is just one of the high profile names that will need to be healthy and at the top of his game for the Eagles to find renewed success in 2013. Maclin reached career highs in catches, yards, and touchdowns all in 2010, seeing lower numbers in each category over each of the past two seasons. Jeremy could make a huge impact in a new system, and all eyes will be focused on him becoming the player the Eagles were hoping for when they drafted him in the first round in 2009. Regardless, his consistency is something that Philadelphia will need for a full season if they are going to turn things around.

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DeSean Jackson

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DeSean Jackson has had his ups and downs as a professional, but the new high powered spread offense in Philadelphia fits perfectly with the type of player he can be. His explosive nature has made him a high profile NFL star from the first time he set foot on the field. Antics aside, Jackson has the potential to be a true wrecking force as a high octane deep threat against any defense. Look for Jackson to have a breakout season in a new system, as long as he can stay healthy and focused on helping the team back to the playoffs.

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DeMeco Ryans

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DeMeco Ryans will be the key to keeping a young defense together on the field and changing the style of a group that still has not found its stride since the years of defensive coordinator, Jim Johnson. Ryans was brought in last year to help solidify an inexperienced linebacking group but showed some hiccups of difficulty himself. He finished the year strong, recording the most tackles for a loss, surpassing the likes of Philadelphia greats, Jeremiah Trotter and Hugh Douglas. The Eagles will need the intangibles that DeMeco brings to the table if they are to improve on the defensive side of the ball during the 2013 campaign.

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Michael Vick

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Michael Vick should be the best viable option at the quarterback position, in Kelly’s spread offense, due to his mobility and cannon-like arm. He will need to avoid the turnovers that have plagued him in recent years and return as the high energy mobile quarterback that has toyed with defenses over the years, earning him his reputation. Vick’s health continues to be a concern as he has only completed one full season in the NFL. Michael showed his commitment to the Eagles restructuring his contract to stay for the beginning of a new era, and now they will need his best to help improve from a disastrous 2012.

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LeSean McCoy

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LeSean McCoy will be an integral part of the Eagles offense, and although in the new spread formation he will share carries and time, it is his effect on the game that will determine much of Philadelphia’s success. A dual threat running back, LeSean will look to continue to put himself among the NFL’s elite. McCoy has proven in the past that he can dazzle as an All-Pro running back, but in order for Philadelphia to get back on track in 2013, McCoy holds the key to the city.