DeSean Jackson Correct In His Assessment of Philadelphia Eagles' QB Situation

By Andrew Fisher
DeSean Jackson
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

DeSean Jackson invoked a reaction from most Philadelphia Eagles fans with his latest comments on Wednesday. The Eagles’ wide receiver decided he better weigh in on the team’s upcoming quarterback competition between Michael Vick and Nick Foles.

“In my opinion, honestly, I don’t want to be put on the spot. I know y’all gonna do me like that, but Michael Vick’s got a lot of confidence in himself. He’s been there, going on 12 years in the NFL. I think he’ll get the job.”

In an era where athletes give nothing but generic responses, these comments from Jackson are gold. Rarely do we get a player to admit who he thinks will win a competition, especially a high profile quarterback competition. But Jackson had no problem defending his long-time QB.

I tend to agree with the WR’s assessment, because it would just be a shame not to see what Vick can do in Chip Kelly‘s new offense. Clearly, Vick is on a downward slide, but the Eagles have nothing to lose seeing if he can get it together for one more run. Their offensive line figures to be improved this year after the addition of first round draft pick Lane Johnson, while Kelly’s new scheme should rejuvenate the talented offensive unit.

Unless Vick performs very poorly and Foles is clearly a better option, the right choice for the Eagles starting QB is No. 7. I just don’t see Foles being head and shoulders better than Vick by the end of training camp. Maybe somewhere down the road that will happen, but for now, Philadelphia should stay with their veteran QB.


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