Johnny Manziel Hurting His NFL Draft Stock

By Ryan Wenzell

 Johnny Manziel, the first ever freshman to win a Heisman Trophy, has put himself in hot water in terms of his NFL Draft ability with his antics the past few summers.

Last year he got into an altercation outside of a Texas Bar and was shown to be using a fake ID to buy booze. Now he apparently slept through a Manning passing camp academy missing his duties as a counselor and was sent home early.

Manziel is a unique talent on the football field. He can run, throw, and put on a show out there. He gets carried away when he has free time, however, and this is going to be a major red flag when it comes to NFL teams taking a chance on the kid in the draft.

While he is just being a college kid the pro game is a different animal, and with all the off the field lawsuits and of course the murder charge that Aaron Hernandez is facing, teams will be more wary then ever of off the field antics.

Manziel needs to get his head in gear. He has all the skills pro teams drool over with great athleticism and an arm that can fit the ball into tight windows. His height may be a detracting factor, but guys like Drew Brees and Russell Wilson have shown height is nothing but a measurable.

I believe Johnny “Football” as they call him can have a successful NFL career. He just has to mature and grow up with football being his main focus, and the sky is the limit for the mega talent in College Station.

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