Nike Recalls Carolina Panthers Shirt After Embarrassing Flub

By Michael Terrill
Nike Recalls Carolina Panthers Shirt After Embarrassing Flub
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Nike has apologized for sending out Carolina Panthers T-Shirts to be sold with an embarrassing geographical flub on them. The shirts have the Panthers logo and colors with the initials “NC” for North Carolina inside the shape of the state of South Carolina. This is quite the error considering North Carolina, where the Panthers play their home games, and South Carolina are two completely different states.

“A small quantity of incorrect Carolina Panthers T-shirts were recently made available for sale,” Nike spokesman Brian Strong said, according to “The product should not have been sold. We have removed it from sale and apologize for the error.”

Even though the Panthers have slowly improved their record over the past three seasons, the team as a whole has struggled mightily, even with the addition of quarterback Cam Newton. The fact is a geographical error on a T-Shirt is the least of the fans’ problems. The Panthers have not clinched a postseason berth since 2008 when they were bounced from the Divisional Playoffs by the Arizona Cardinals.

It is true the Panthers once played their games in Clemson, S.C. However, that only occurred in 1995, the first season of the franchise’s existence. Since then, the Panthers have played all of their home games in Charlotte, N.C.

It is certainly entertaining that a T-Shirt with the wrong state on it passed through so many people at Nike before it the error was finally realized. Obviously, some college interns were not taking their summer internship very seriously.

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