Andrew Luck Will Be The Best Out Of The Rookie QBs Of 2012

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Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck did not have the greatest of rookie seasons last year, and was definitely overshadowed by rookie quarterbacks Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks and Robert Griffin III of the Washington Redskins. But I believe when it is all said and done that Luck will be the best out of all of them and here is why.

Luck is the most muscular, stocky, and the tallest out of the three quarterbacks, which will protect him in the long run of his career.  He is also the only one out of those quarterbacks who is a pure pocket passer.  Yes, Luck can also run when he needs to and is impressively fast for a man his size, at 6-foot-4 weighing 234-pounds, but unlike Wilson and Griffin III, he only runs when the pass is not available and the play breaks down.  The other two love to scramble and run because of their gifted speed and agility, but they rarely stay in the pocket like Luck does.  I stress this because it is a fact that if you look back in NFL history, the quarterbacks who become the most successful are the quarterbacks who stay in the pocket and fire passes to their receivers.  Out of the three, Luck is the only one who consistently throws from the pocket.

Now Luck does have the tendency to scramble, but the Colts coaching staff is looking to fix that. And since he was a rookie last season, of course there is going to be a huge learning curve and it is understandable to make some mistakes.

Looking at the other two quarterbacks, Wilson is way too small at 5-foot-11 and is definitely no Drew Brees.  I believe he will be a very good quarterback for some number of years but not great.  Griffin III is a great player but already has had two major injuries in his rookie season.  Griffin III’s greatest asset is his speed but it will also sadly be his downfall.  His running ability has led him to a concussion and an ACL tear in his knee, and no matter how much talent Griffin III possesses, I cannot see him having a long NFL career.

So Luck is built, tall, throws from the pocket, and has very underrated speed.  Not to mention Luck’s touchdown to interception ratio in his rookie season, at 23:18, was very similar to both Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in their rookie seasons.  That’s definitely the greatest of company to be involved with, if I do say so myself.

To sum this up, I believe all of this points in Luck’s favor to be the best of the rookie quarterbacks from the class of 2012.

Agree or disagree?

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  • Terry Smith

    I love Luck above them all, but I don’t know if a QB’s size alone can keep him healthy. Wilson’s OL is solid and he was rarely hit and he was quite the escape artist while Luck was the most hit QB all of last year. If Indy wants to keep him healthy, they need to get him a better LT and OL as well as RB. We’ll see how things go this year, it will be an improvement from last, but he needs more than improvement from last, he needs top 10 quality players in all those categories to be the best he can be which is the same for all QBs, no matter the size. Big Ben is often injured b/c of how he plays and the scheme he was in, thank God Arians is gone b/c a lot of the hits were his fault due to the scheme, but a lot was also from poor OL/LT and Luck’s play b/c he modeled himself after the wrong aspect of Ben’s plays.

  • Ben Peterson

    You have done no research have you? Wilson has said SEVERAL TIMES that he does NOT like running, and would rather pass the ball, so there goes your argument there. And guess what, Wilson’s and Luck’s BMI are about .1 apart, with Wilson’s actually higher. As for the height argument, come on man, that’s just over done, and even if it wasn’t, most of the reason that smaller QBs have not been able to do well is turnovers right? Well that’s not related to seeing over the line (and Wilson has experience with BIG O-lines, playing behind the 5th biggest in all of football at Wisconsin), it’s related to hand size, so that the QB can put better spin on the ball and not fumble. Wilson has 10.25 inch hands, bigger than Brock Osweiler, who’s 6’8″.

    That said, I think that Luck is a great player and will be a great QB in years to come, but this article was horribly done.

  • PaxMentis

    This is reprinted from a high school paper, right?

    Obviously absolutely no research on Wilson…even the basic stats like completion % (64.1% to Luck’s 54.1%), QB rating (100.0 vs Luck’s 76.5) or even the TD to INT ratio stressed for Luck (26:10 compared to Luck’s 23:18)…were you to go so far as to check out the splits, it gives even more lie to the “facts” you state…for example the fact that Wilson throws from the pocket the vast majority of the time and is even more successful there than his overall ratings…

    One gets the impression that all the writer knows of Wilson is what he was told by a 12 year old 49ers fan…