Joe Flacco Ahead of Matt Ryan and Drew Brees on Ron Jaworski's QB Countdown as He Should Be

By Wola Odeniran
Joe Flacco
Evan Habeeb- USA TODAY Sports

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski started a fire storm now with his quarterback countdown. When people saw New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees ranked number six on his quarterback countdown, I’m sure many were furious of Brees being ranked behind Baltimore Ravens Joe Flacco.

Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan  came in at number five, and there is no doubt that Ryan should be behind Flacco. Flacco just outperforms Ryan in the postseason. Make no mistake about it.

It remains to be seen where Flacco will be listed, but he will obviously be in the remaining four spots left on the countdown. So for all of you that are furious with Flacco being ranked that high, go rub some salt in those wounds.

Let’s remember that Flacco has more touchdown passes in the playoffs than any other quarterback in the league since 2008 with 19. That deserves consideration, as well as the fact that Flacco has 102 touchdowns and 56 interceptions during the regular season since 2008. Those regular season numbers are very solid.

Flacco in general just has the perfect balance of regular season performances and playoff performances when you compare him to Ryan who certainly struggles in the postseason.

We cannot forget that Flacco has never had the weapons on offense at wide receiver and at tight end the way Ryan has over the course of his career with the Falcons.

With Brees, it’s very simple. Brees is an excellent quarterback, and career wise is obviously ahead of Flacco. But Flacco is entering his prime, and he will show it next season.

And last but certainly not least, Flacco is the current Super Bowl MVP. Flacco threw 11 touchdowns and zero interceptions this past postseason. The veteran arguably has the strongest arm in the league, and he’s only going to get better from here on out.

You don’t have to like where Flacco is ranked; you just have to accept it.

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