Josh Brent's Retirement is Huge Break for Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin
Josh Brent NFL Dallas Cowboys
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The Dallas Cowboys and their fans caught a huge break on Thursday when troubled defensive lineman Josh Brent announced his retirement from the NFL. The former supplemental draft pick showed a lot of promise in limited work during three seasons in Dallas, and that’s the only reason delusional Cowboys owner Jerry Jones kept him around this long.

Brent says he needs to get his priorities straight and cites that as the reason for his retirement, but a ruling from the league was expected to come down on Thursday, so Brent likely knows a suspension is coming, so he’s getting out while he can and trying to save face in the process. While Jones may be upset by the loss of Brent, it’s a huge blessing in disguise for him and his dysfunctional organization.

The same is true for Cowboys fans, but this one in particular wanted Brent cut as soon as he was arrested for intoxication manslaughter following the death of his teammate, Jerry Brown, in a December car wreck. However, Brent has been arrested twice since then for violating the terms of his bond agreement with failed drug tests in which he tested positive for marijuana. So put simply, he feels no remorse for his actions and is trying to do what he can at the last minute to salvage his image before he’s likely locked up.

The kicker here is Brent may not have to do more than the mandatory 120-day jail sentence he’s already received. If that’s the case, he could end up playing for the Cowboys again in 2014. So essentially, this retirement could just be a tactic to keep Brent and the Cowboys from having to deal with his legal issues. Don’t be surprised to see Brent back with the team a year from now.

It’s guys like Brent who make the Cowboys one of the NFL’s most laughable franchises. There’s a ton of talent on Dallas’ roster and if Jones and his band of puppets would get out of the way and let the team work like it did in the early 1990s, maybe the Cowboys wouldn’t be a mediocre football team at best. But until Jones steps up and stops dragging along riffraff like Brent, nothing will change

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