Russell Wilson - Colin Kaepernick Comparisons Need to Stop

By Todd Pheifer
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have a budding rivalry with San Francisco 49ers. We will have to see if this is a sustained rivalry or if it is just a short-term competition while the teams are both elite. Along with the team battles, there is the inevitable “rivalry” between individual players.

Whether there is a true rivalry or not may be irrelevant. Fans and media members are inevitably going to make their comparisons. Specifically, Russell Wilson versus Colin Kaepernick is being billed as the next great heavyweight matchup in the NFL.

Who is better? Who is more clutch? Who would you rather pick to start a franchise? None of these questions can be easily answered. We can compare stats from 2012:

Wilson: 3,118 yards, 26 TD, 10 INT, 100.0 rating

Kaepernick: 1,814 yards, 10 TD, 3 INT, 98.3 rating

Both are good stats for a rookie and a guy who might as well have been a rookie. Do these numbers really give us the full picture of quality, or more importantly, potential?

This needs to stop or at least be postponed a bit. Why? The simple reason is that these two players are still very early in their careers. A rivalry cannot be forced. Let’s give them a few years.

Of course, this doesn’t stop us from trying to create this mythical war between two figureheads of football greatness. Unfortunately the two quarterbacks don’t seem to understand that this is supposed to be an angry, bitter relationship. Instead, they are hanging out and playing video games together. At least they are having fun with this, right?

Oh, and did you hear the latest? Apparently, Wilson was caught “Kaepernicking.” Say it ain’t so. Before people lose their minds, let us try to remember something. Kaepernick is not the first guy to kiss his biceps. That has been done. Many times. Next you are going to tell me that Kaepernick was the first guy to flaunt his muscular arms and quip, “Anyone need any extra tickets to the gun show?”

Look, I get it. Rivalries are a major part of the sports culture. For some fans, there is nothing better than beating the most bitter of rivals. If a team only wins one game during the season, fans will find some satisfaction if the one win was against the biggest rival. Some fans just need an enemy.

Still, let’s settle this in real games, shall we? In the end, this will be settled with wins and trophies. Specifically, the Lombardi Trophy. Sure, we can look back on some of the great rivalries, such as Joe Montana versus Dan Marino in the 1980s. In the end, we care about hardware. Montana got the rings. Marino didn’t.

Who will get the rings? When these two quarterbacks are done, that will be measure of who won the rivalry. Until then, let’s see what they can do on the field.

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