Seattle Seahawks' Golden Tate Must Be Careful With Confidence in 2013

By Todd Pheifer
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks have every reason to be confident going into 2013.

After a very successful 2012 season, the ‘Hawks are poised to make a serious run at the Super Bowl this season. Who is feeling good about this season? For one, Golden Tate. In a recent interview with, Tate was quoted as saying:

“If we can stay in games, play hard to the fourth quarter, I think — I don’t think anyone can mess with us.”

Easy there, Mr. Tate.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the confidence. Sports is obviously a physical endeavor that requires particular athletic skill. However, the champions are those that can strategize, focus and make quick decisions at exactly the right moments.

Therefore, confidence is a huge part of sports, particularly in football where players must possess the athletic swagger to make the most aggressive of plays without fear. Such is the nature of the NFL.

There is only one word of minor caution for Golden Tate and the rest of the Seahawks: you haven’t won anything yet. Be confident, but be careful with cockiness. Cocky people are obviously individuals with a particular level of confidence, but there is a danger with this type of attitude. When people are cocky, they may underestimate their opponent.

Seattle cannot afford to underestimate anyone. This is a rough league.

Obviously there is not a clear distinction between confidence and cockiness. Also, are the Seahawks in danger of thinking that the Super Bowl will be an easy accomplishment? Mostly likely not. We’re still talking about players that realize how much of a grind the NFL season can be. Pete Carroll will keep this team focused.

There are so many things going for the Seahawks: Russell Wilson. Marshawn Lynch. The arrival of Percy Harvin. A fantastic defense that is led by the likes of Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas. Momentum.

This could be a very special year. Fans that have dreamed of a Super Bowl victory are looking forward to this season with eager anticipation. Now if only there was the same excitement about the Seattle Mariners.

Be very confident, Seahawks. This may very well be your year to prove to the entire league that Seattle is more than just rain jokes and a long plane ride. Just remember that there is much work to be done before that Lombardi Trophy is in your hands.

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