Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wisely Playing it Safe With Darrelle Revis

By Andrew Fisher
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were no doubt taking a risk when they acquired Darrell Revis in a trade this past spring. But players of Revis’ caliber just don’t come along all that often. The NFL‘s best cornerback is of course coming off of ACL surgery and we all know there are no guarantees when it comes to that type of procedure. However, it’s 2013. ACL surgery is becoming more and more routine for athletes, so odds are that Revis will overcome his injury and return to full form with his new team. But exactly when he will return, nobody knows for sure.

Bucs’ head coach Greg Schiano recently shed some light on that very issue, when he said that the team plans to have Revis on the active roster when training camp begins. This means he will avoid the dreaded PUP list and take another step towards getting back on the field.

The feeling at this point is that Revis won’t be a full participant as camp begins, but that he’ll partake in a limited capacity. If that is in fact what the Bucs do, I completely agree with their decision.

Revis is 10 months out from surgery and could probably play this Sunday if needed – but there’s absolutely no reason to rush him back. Tampa should give him as much time as he needs to acclimate to his new team and to being back out on the football field. They traded away valuable draft picks to get him, so doing anything to jeopardize their new investment, would just be foolish.

Prediction – Even if he’s limited at training camp, Revis will be ready for week one.


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