Tiki Barber Once Again Taking Heat--This Time Over Debate Between Peyton Manning and Eli Manning

By Dan Parzych
Tiki Barber
(Kirby Lee/USA Today Sports)

Despite being one of the top running backs in the league during his prime, it’s safe to say former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber has been anything but popular since his retirement from the NFL. Barber has seen some success in broadcast journalism over the last couple of years, but it seems like he only starts controversy each time he opens up about a certain topic in the NFL.

The latest topic on his plate–whether Eli Manning is a better quarterback than his brother Peyton Manning.

Sure, the argument can be made that Barber has a point considering the main factor is Eli–who Tiki believes is more clutch–does have two Super Bowl rings compared to Peyton’s one, but from a statistical standpoint–the older Manning has the edge by a long shot. While Eli deserves plenty of credit for everything he’s accomplished throughout his career and could certainly go down as one of the most clutch quarterbacks of all time, it’s safe to say he’ll always be considered No. 2 behind his brother Peyton.

Even if Peyton fails to win another Super Bowl before his career comes to an end, how quarterbacks compare to one another can’t be fully based off the amount of rings they have. If this happened to be the case, that would mean Trent Dilfer was a better quarterback than Dan Marino–which is ridiculous.

Barber certainly makes a good debate and it could easily go one of two ways, but this once again shows how sick people are of Tiki considering all he did was chime in on a popular debate.

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