Who Will Be the Philadelphia Eagles' Starting Quarterback? The "Beliebers" Have The Answer

By Joseph Hickman
Nick Foles Philadelphia Eagles
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Who will be the Philadelphia Eagles‘ starting quarterback? That will be the biggest question answered in training camp. Yes, I know — Captain Obvious strikes again. You have DeSean Jackson picking Michael Vick as his favorite. Mine is Nick Foles and some people in the back of the crowd have Matt Barkley. Does Dennis Dixon even count? Though if you really want to get an answer just ask a few teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. This is just too good.

CSN Philly’s Sarah Baicker did an interview for the The 700 Level (Local Philly Sports Blog. Not your Sunday morning show) at Bieber’s concert in Philadelphia with a few teenage girls. Baicker asked the “Beliebers” who do they think would win the Eagles starting quarterback? They all just laughed. Baicker then asked what do you think about Nick Foles. They all booed. Well, I guess no Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards for Foles this year. Then Baicker found another girl and her answer: “Mike Vick but I don’t like him”.

The search was not over. Baicker then found another group of girls and asked the same question. One responded with: “Go Steelers!” I swear, I hate Pittsburgh Steelers fans (Really just jealous). Another responded with: “What are we talking about again?” Though the best answer of the night goes to the one teenage girl, when Baicker asked her if she thought that if Bieber was wrong for stepping on the Chicago Blackhawks‘ logo in their locker room.

Her reply: “I am a Philadelphia Flyers. Sooo…” Great answer, young lady. True Philadelphian style.

Getting back to the Eagles’ quarterbacks: Like I said before, my money is on Foles. I am not saying he is the franchise quarterback for the next 10 years but I think he wins out in this competition. Some reports have him as the favorite already (makes no sense at all). It may come down to just who is the most accurate. Barkley completed 64.1 percent of his passes in college. Vick has a completion rate of 56.3 percent and Foles has a completion rate of 60.8 percent.

But hey, if you have any fears about the Eagles quarterback situation just ask the “Beliebers”. They will calm you down.

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