Could Chip Kelly Run a Two-Quarterback System for the Philadelphia Eagles?

By Ryan Wenzell
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

While it is unheard of in the NFL, it is completely plausible that new Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly could run a two-quarterback system in his debut season as head coach.

Running a two-quarterback system would give Kelly the ability to showcase both presumably Nick Foles and Michael Vick‘s strengths in this warp-speed offense. Vick’s dynamic athleticism is a perfect fit for the read-option aspect of Kelly’s offense where the defense has to respect the quarterback’s ability to either run or throw the football. Foles is the quicker and better decision maker. He proved last season in his rookie campaign that he can get the ball out quickly, accurately and on time, three crucial components for a quarterback to be successful in Kelly’s offense.

A two-QB system could also throw a defense completely out of whack. Defenses would be forced to change their defensive scheme and game plan up on the fly to account for two totally different skill sets at the quarterback position and it would give Kelly a further advantage in addition to his fast-paced style that is sure to leave defenses huffing and puffing.

Kelly is known as an innovative and ground-breaking head coach. Going with a two-quarterback system would certainly fall under the category of ground breaking. Teams have tried using dual-quarterback systems sprinkled into an offense in a wildcat formation or something of the like, but a true two-quarterback offense has never been showcased at the highest level. There are certainly some benefits to utilizing a two-quarterback offense, and if Kelly thinks it gives his offense an advantage, it is possible we may even see it Week 1 on Monday Night Football.

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