Is Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles Just Another Kevin Kolb?

By Joe Doris
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

There has been nothing pretty about Philadelphia Eagles QB Nick Foles’ shaky, to say the least, transition into the NFL, as the 2012 third-round pick failed to display any promising athletic ability or any sort of game-changing spark in his six starts as a rookie where he was only able to claim one victory.

Even though Foles was a third-round pick, who was certainly fortunate to be taken where he was, Eagles’ fans all over viewed the rookie as this franchise-savior type of a quarterback for some reason.

All last year I warned Eagles’ nation about putting QB Michael Vick in the doghouse (an unavoidable pun) and jumping on Foles’ bandwagon, simply because the University of Arizona product lacks certain physical tools and mechanics that are necessary to succeed in the NFL. Well, just as I expected, Foles sputtered tremendously in his first opportunity as a professional starter, and showed endless inaccuracy and overall incompetence that is completely unacceptable in the NFL.

This leads me to believe that Foles will soon be on his way out of Philly, especially with the Eagles’ addition of 2013 NFL Draft-pick QB Matt Barkley, which brings about memories of ex-Eagles QB Kevin Kolb.

Kolb’s short-lived, anti-climactic four-year stint with the Birds was largely overshadowed by QB Donovan McNabb’s departure, combined with Vick’s sudden arrival and emergence.

The Eagles traded Kolb to the Arizona Cardinals prior to the 2011 NFL season, where he played miserably and was cut after just two seasons with the team. Kolb signed on with the Buffalo Bills early this spring where he will likely backup rookie first-round pick QB E.J. Manuel.

If Barkley outplays Foles in training camp this summer, which I expect him to, there is a good chance that the Eagles will try to cut their losses by shipping Foles elsewhere for anything that they can get.


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