New York Jets QB Greg McElroy Deserves Chance To Compete

By Stephen Conway
Greg McElroy
Ed Mulholland – USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t too long ago that New York Jets fans saw quarterback Greg McElroy jog onto the field on a Sunday to take snaps from Jets center Nick Mangold. McElroy was given the chance to start during Week 16 when Jets head coach Rex Ryan pulled quarterback Mark Sanchez after a dismal chain of five-plus games.

Ryan made the change that quickly and abruptly, and even with a new quarterback in the mix in rookie Geno Smith, he can still make another change just as easily again.

Sanchez and Smith have not performed well at all in recent practices this offseason, which tells us that neither one really has the edge over the other in the quarterback competition. What surprises me the most is that while everybody is still talking about these two for the starting quarterback role, no one — not even the coaches — are considering McElroy.

McElroy, in the small amount of time that he spent on the field last season, looked very sharp, demonstrating poise and accuracy in the pocket. Yes, there were some obvious flaws and miscues, but he was the Jets’ third-string quarterback, so that’s to be expected. Just imagine what he could be if they continued to pay more close attention to him and actually involve him in the quarterback competition.

If Sanchez and Smith continue to perform the way they are, why not add McElroy to the mix? It will increase the competition among Smith and Sanchez and give McElroy more confidence.

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