Miami Dolphins Wisely Compromise to Sign Dion Jordan Just Before Training Camp Starts

By Jeff Everette
Dion Jordan Mini-Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


It appears as though the Miami Dolphins will have everyone present when training camp on Sunday morning, including first-round draft pick, Dion Jordan, who signed his rookie contract on Saturday afternoon. 

This is a pleasant change of pace for the Dolphins, who have entered the last several training camps without their high-profile draft selections under contract. Last season, it was Ryan Tannehill who was late coming to an agreement because of Miami’s insistence upon having offset language included in the conditions of his contract.

The offset language was a growing concern for Dolphins fans as training camp crept closer and Jordan was still unsigned. Fortunately, the team and their surprise pick were able to come to an agreement that suited both parties.

Miami will still have the offset language included in Jordan’s contract, which protects the team by allowing them to pay Jordan a lesser amount should he be released in the fourth year of his deal, and another team signs him. It seems a small thing, but it gives the Dolphins a bit of insurance should Jordan be a bust. For his part, Jordan will be given a larger amount up front in the form of a signing bonus.

The exact terms of the deal have not yet been released, but it is thought to be a four-year, $20.5 million deal with a $13.3 million signing bonus. Not too shabby considering Jordan will likely start the season as a back up at right defensive end.

Jordan has been unable to participate in any of the physical offseason activities due to a shoulder surgery he had in February. Whether he has been medically cleared for contact, or not, has not been announced, but with a contract signed, he will at least be able to be present for what promises to be an exciting training camp.  

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