New England Patriots Breakout Candidates: Tim Tebow

By M. Quann Boyd
Tim Tebow
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I’ve never ever been a fan of quarterback Tim Tebow. Not while he attended the University of Florida. Not as a surprise first-round draft pick of the Denver Broncos and certainly not as Mark Sanchez’s backup with the New York Jets.

Now my reason for not liking Tebow has nothing to do with him as a person and has everything to do with him playing the position of quarterback. Like so many pundits, naysayers and football experts, I just never felt Tebow was any good at consistently throwing the ball down field.

So now why all of the sudden do I feel the same Tebow who ran one of the many variations of the option (that I loath) will break out and have a successful 2013 NFL campaign? Well, like the Fox News Network, I’m trying to be fair and balanced. Also, aiding in Tebow’s possible achievements this season, four words: The New England Patriots.

That’s not to say that as soon as Tebow straps on a Patriots helmet he’s going to magically become a Pro Bowler (although, I have a really good friend whom I inadvertently indoctrinated into the Patriot Way that would think otherwise). Also, Tebow’s breakout season all hinges on if he can make the team’s final opening-day roster. But for the sake of the article, we’ll assume that Tebow is with the Patriots come September. Now what would it take for Tebow to break on through to the other side? Well, for one, his intangibles. Tebow has the heart of a champion. No one can deny, me included, that Tebow is indeed a football player, if not a quarterback.

Tebow’s willingness to leave it all on the field and his passion for winning are reasons that he’s still in the league despite his shortcomings as a quarterback. Now with the Patriots, and Bill Belichick in particular, with his willingness to move players around the field from offense to defense and vice versa, it’s more than possible that Tebow will have a season of the ages playing a position other than quarterback.

With the Patriots lacking at the tight end position at the moment, it’s conceivable that Tebow will be asked to step into the tight end/H back hybrid role that Aaron Hernandez once played. As a former option quarterback, this role would be an easy adjustment and fit for Tebow and the Patriots as well. With Tom Brady still on the roster, if Tebow gets open, then Tebow will get the football. And depending on how many times Tebow receives the ball will help dictate just how much of a breakout season he will have in 2013.


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