New York Jets' Rookies Need to Be Signed By Day One of Training Camp

By Jesse Schwartz
Jets Draft Picks
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

With two days left before rookies report to New York Jets training camp, the top three draft picks have yet to sign contracts. Caught up in the specifics and technicalities of negotiating a deal, Dee Millner, Sheldon Richardson and Geno Smith are now all in danger of missing camp days. There’s no real reason for panic at this point, as John Idzik claims to have a firm grasp on the situation, but it’s important that each of the rookies sign a deal before training camp officially starts.

All three of the rookies are set to be impact players for the Jets this year. In order to have them ready for the season, it will be important to get them as many training camp reps as possible. Missing days of training camp is a bad way to start a professional career, especially for Smith, who is competing for a starting quarterback spot.

The Jets have seen the effects of not having impact players at training camp in the past. When Darelle Revis held out in 2010, it  created a big distraction and made it harder for Revis to get in playing shape. These three rookies might not be as vital to the Jets as Revis was, but it never helps the team to miss time.

There are still plenty of unsigned rookies around the league at this point, but Jets fans should keep an eye on the situation. Once Milliner, Richardson and Smith are signed, the Jets will be able to focus on developing them as players and finding ways for them to contribute on the field.

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