NFL: Another Indianapolis Colts Player in Trouble

By Eric Smith
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a rare offseason for the Indianapolis Colts. A fourth player on the team is in some off-the-field trouble. Two players LaVon Brazill and Weslye Saunders are each suspended at the start of the NFL regular season for failing drug tests. Third, Joe Lefeged was arrested earlier in the month on a gun charge and now Delone Carter is being sued by a victim in Syracuse, New York.

Carter who played collegiality at Syracuse punched a former student in 2010 while both were enrolled at the school. He was arrested during a spring football practice and later admitted to punching the victim.

Now, the victim is suing Carter for damages and hospital bills.

The victim is suing Carter for $235,000. The Colts running back is offering $20,000.

The dispute has been taken to the courts in Syracuse as six jurors are in deliberations on how much Carter should pay the victim. It’s just another setback for the team having to deal with more off-the-field issues.

This obviously happened before Carter was drafted by the Colts in 2011 and no reputations are likely to happen as a result. But it’s something the Colts won’t take lightly and could come down to keeping him on the team or not come the final cut day at the end of August.

The Colts signed free agent Ahmad Bradshaw this offseason as he and last year’s rookie Vick Ballard are expected to split time in the backfield. Without needing four backs on the 53-man roster it’s really between Carter and Donald Brown for the third and final spot on the active roster.

Carter has played in 26 games as a Colt with 499 rushing yards in 133 attempts. He had three touchdowns last season and two in his rookie year for five in his two-year career.

The preseason battle between the two should be very good and intense.



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