Philadelphia Eagles: Training Camp Should Be Exciting To Watch

By Sonny Bryan
Chip Kelly
Howard Smith- USA TODAY Sports

The Philadelphia Eagles will soon be all set to start training camp, with the rookies reporting on Monday, July 22 and with the veterans reporting Thursday, July 25.

This training camp should be very different than the past years. First and foremost, the Eagles training camp will be held at the NovaCare Complex in Philadelphia, not in Lehigh. This caused a little stir of controversy since the city of Lehigh always enjoyed having the Eagles work out in their town for their citizens and for the good payday accumulated from attracting outsiders. Nevertheless, the Eagles will be closer to home, so hopefully they will feel more comfortable being in Philadelphia, especially the rookies.

Another reason why this will be an exciting training camp to watch is for all the position battles. There are arguably five position battles this year and it should be fun to watch. The quarterback position is obviously the biggest one. It’ll be a tough competition between Michael Vick, Nick Foles and rookie Matt Barkley. This position will be a toss-up and will simply go to the guy who outperforms the rest. Other position battles to look forward to are the OLB position battle between Brandon Graham and Connor Barwin and the TE position battle between Brent Celek, James Casey and rookie Zach Ertz. Positions like safety and defensive end could go to practically anyone, so keep a close eye on all the players at those slots. Chip Kelly and Billy Davis will have certain packages on both sides of the ball so you’ll see a lot of rotations for most of these positions.

We should also see some new energy in this camp as well. Coach Kelly has a new-school coaching philosophy that should keep the team on their toes and keep the fans entertained. There are some critics that think Kelly’s coaching philosophy will not work at the NFL level, but it seems like the team is buying into the program he is trying to build and we should see a lot of fresh looks and tough practices for the Birds this season. Kelly has installed a new practice style with a variety of music, which is a unique thing to do. At first, I wasn’t a fan of it, but it seems like it keeps the players entertained and hungry for the next drill. Also, Kelly has a created a new nutrition program to keep his players’ diets in check. Kelly even hired a Navy SEALs trainer for the Eagles so they can handle Kelly’s high-tempo offense.

Kelly has been doing all of the right things for his players and now it’s time for them to get some wins for him this season.


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