Philadelphia Eagles WR DeSean Jackson Needs To Stay Out Of The Spotlight

By Sonny Bryan
DeSean Jackson
Gary A. Vasquez – USA TODAY Sports

We hear his name all the time, and it seems like its never when he’s on the football field. Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is making headlines, and once again, it has nothing to do with his football career.

According to multiple reports, Jackson has released a rap song with Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion, or whatever he wants to call himself. Anyways, the song is called “Diamonds On My Neck.” Once again, we see Jackson trying to pursue his rap career, which makes people believe he is not 100 percent dedicated to his football career. Now if Jackson were to have put up Pro-Bowl numbers the past two seasons, I wouldn’t be worried about him loving the spotlight, however, that’s not the case. Jackson has scored only six touchdowns in the past two seasons and has not been able to have a 1,000-yard year since 2010. While Andy Reid was the head coach prior to the 2012 season, Jackson was given a five-year, $47 million contract and in return, he gave the Eagles two touchdowns.

Jackson has not only been pursuing his rap career, but he is now trying his acting skills as well. Many reports are now saying that Jackson will be guest starring in the Disney show “Crash & Bernstein.” Now many NFL players have played roles in shows and movies while still being an NFL player, however, when you’ve been struggling like Jackson has been, maybe it would be a good idea to take a step back. This shows that Jackson’s mind is not focused on football, which is why this may cause a problem on the field for him.

Jackson is also in a pickle with his former agent, Drew Rosenhaus. According to the grievance Rosenhaus has filed, Jackson owes Rosenhaus nearly $400,000 in unpaid loans. Now there are many speculations out their about why Jackson owes Rosenhaus all this money, but it may be because Jackson needed hundreds of thousands of dollars for his production studio, his house and to continue living his lavish lifestyle, since this was before he signed that extension in 2012. Now, obviously, we don’t know if that’s true, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

Jackson is a talented wide receiver, but according to his contract, the Eagles have only dedicated their money to Jackson for the first two years (2012 and 2013). If Jackson doesn’t step up his game and doesn’t start focusing on his football career and not the other nonsense, then you may see Jackson wearing a different jersey in 2014.

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