5 Quarterbacks on the Hot Seat in 2013

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5 QBs on the Hotseat in 2013

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In a league that has the nickname “Not For Long”, there are players that get coaches fired because of their performances, or lack thereof. On offense, a coach’s fate could rest on the line-play, running game or the passing game; Quarterbacks are to compose a symphony of game-play that encompasses all three, giving them their best chance for success. Failure to execute in the quarterback department has been and still is the most common reason coaches hit the unemployment line.

Most new regimes that enter a franchise have the decision to keep the current signal caller or bring in another one. Coaches that decided against drafting a new QB were told by management that getting a new one this year was not an option, or the coach saw potential in the incumbent and believes that they can truly flourish under the new system. That decision can make or break the next few years for a franchise.

In this make or break year, the likelihood of these five making a resurgence in stats is possible but unlikely, unless the reason their stats dipped was because of injury. Whatever their excuse may be, the message from the coaches is clear; this is the time to put-up or shut-up. By the end of the season, the message should be clear on whether one or more of these gentlemen will be given the pink slip. These are all well-known QBs and all starters, so you can close that extra window you planned to search with. I present to you the sub-par of 2012.

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No. 5 Mark Sanchez

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“Butt-fumble” is a word used to summarize Sanchez’s season last year; there was mistake upon mistake from him. He is now in competition for his job and his stake in Jets’ Camp West. Geno Smith wishes to unseat this soccer headband wearing shot-caller. Sanchez needs to prove to the “J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS”, that he is worth his $12.8 million cap figure this year.

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No. 4 Blaine Gabbert

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I don’t know why this is even a competition, after the performance from Chad Henne last year. Henne came in after Gabbert’s injury and clearly stole the show. Should Gabbert come out of training camp named the starter, he will be expected to perform at a cosmic level to convince owner Shahid Kahn away from looking elsewhere.

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No. 3 Josh Freeman

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Josh Freeman came into the league with a chip on his shoulder; he aspired to be better than Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez who were drafted above him in 2009. He has managed to outplay Sanchez and stay healthier than Stafford, so the Tampa Bay Buccaneers should consider his selection a win despite the stat roller-coaster ride he has taken them on. Freeman has great potential and with Vincent Jackson on the other end of his arm for a second year, he will make some noise in the NFC South this year.

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No. 2 Philip Rivers

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Philip Rivers has 10 years of experience. He’s worked with LaDainian Tomlinson, had giants for receivers over the years and one of the best tight ends in the game, with nothing but disappointment to show for it. San Diego Chargers new coach, Mike McCoy still sees promise in Rivers. Maybe the change in coordinators is what he has needed all along. Look for a resurgence from Rivers in 2013. The Chargers are predicted to win the Super Bowl, according to the Philadelphia Eagles' seasonal opener history for the last four years.

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No. 1 Sam Bradford

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Must Be the Money, a song by Deion Sanders is what comes to mind when I think of Sam Bradford’s starting status. He was the last of the huge rookie contracts before the new CBA. If you give me $50 million in guaranteed money before I even step on the field, I might run off. In Bradford’s case, he had no incentive to get better. The St. Louis Rams also had a below average receiving corps and a sad offensive line to blame for most of his woes. Tavon Austin should help shine some light on this lost QB. He still has quite the uphill battle being in the NFC West, but look for this overpaid Ram to try and change his stars in 2013.