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A Look at How the Miami Dolphins Have Fared After Logo Changes in Their History

Steve Mitchell – USA TODAY Sports

2013 will see a new logo for the Miami Dolphins, so I wanted to take a historic look back at how the franchise did in previous seasons with a new logo.

Back in 1974, the dolphin in the logo was moved to the center of the sun. Not only did fans enjoy the change, but they also enjoyed the season. Franchise legends Bob Griese, Larry Csonka and Nat Moore led the team to a 11-3 record. Don Shula was at the helm of that team, who had just come off three straight Super Bowl appearances (including coming off back-to-back SB wins). Perhaps a jinx was in play as the three-time defending AFC champs did not win a single playoff game with the new logo that season.

In 1989, the colors became bolder, but the team did not shine as bright, as they stumbled to a meager 8-8 record. Perhaps some sort of logo jinx was in play that season also as Dan Marino had his lowest quarterback rating (76.9) in his time under Shula.

In 1997, the sun rays became solid and navy was added as a trim color to the longtime aqua and orange. The color change made the dolphin pop more, and the dolphin was also updated to appear more three dimensional. That new logo team went 9-7 but was perhaps yet another jinx victim as a promising 9-5 team scored one total touchdown in their final three games going 0-3. That limp to the finish line was very disappointing for Dolfans.

Expectations are sky high for the 2013 ‘Phins, and I write about a logo jinx in jest, but nonetheless, this team has a new look to it in every way, logo included.

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