Baltimore Ravens' Torrey Smith: Buy Now or Pay Later

By Jermaine Lockett
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

With questions going into training camp about who will assume the No. 2 spot at Wide Receiver, let’s key in on the number one. Baltimore Ravens’ Torrey Smith has shown that he has diversified his portfolio. He is no longer known by fans as a burner used to spread the field. His ability to run precise routes and gain yards after the catch has brought even more value to his skill set. The question with him on the rise is: should Ozzie Newsome pay him now or go broke paying him later?

Most analysts will tell you that based on past production and the departure of veteran Anquan Boldin, Smith is primed for a breakout season. People will tell you Smith is ready to be the go-to-guy for Baltimore. I am here to jump on the bandwagon with this message: Newsome, pay the man before it is too late.

The Ravens are trying to enjoy the rookie contract salary benefit of $683K that Smith signed in 2011. Everybody loves cheap labor, well almost everyone. This contract and the wedding vowels he recently exchanged will be the just the motivation Smith needs to go bonkers on the upcoming 2013 season. Should Smith breakout this year, he will be banging on Steve Bisciotti’s desk worse than Joe Flacco did after his Super Bowl XVLII win.

Speaking of Flacco, you see how he played out his contract and went to secure a major deal. If the Ravens would have offered more to Flacco before the 2012 season started, they could have save over 3 million dollars per year. With Flacco throwing to Smith this season, please believe that he will assist all he can with “making it rain” in the Smith Estate. Newsome has been known for his intuition and salary cap maneuverability to make all the dollars fit; if he does not sign Smith prior to the season starting, he could be asking Steve Bisciotti to break open the piggy bank once again.


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