Philadelphia Eagles: Preventing Turnovers is Key to Success

By Matt Shaner
The Star-Ledger – USA TODAY Sports

There is nothing that kills a game like turnovers. Momentum is huge, and a change in possession can seal the game. Good teams limit their turnovers, control the ball and manage the clock. The teams that stay in the cellar every year are the ones who cough it up the most. According to, the Philadelphia Eagles committed 75 turnovers in the last 32 games. This is inexcusable and must change if Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wants any chance to win.

One of the largest causes in the matter is Michael Vick. Last season, he threw 10 interceptions and fumbled 11 times. He stated earlier in this preseason that Kelly was the first coach to address his ball security issues by teaching him a grip that would prevent strip fumbles. The problem is that nothing Vick put on the field in the last two seasons has shown us that he is ready to progress and change his issues. Talk is cheap if you can’t back it up on Sundays.

Bryce Brown, despite having a season that turned some heads, also had a massive fumbling issue. Some of this can be put on his limited time playing in college, and last season being his rookie campaign. The larger issue was that these turnovers often led to points for the opposition. If he can get it under control, Brown has the potential to be a lethal partner to LeSean McCoy.

Billy Davis also needs the offense to hold onto the ball. With the fast pace of the new offensive scheme, Davis will need his unit to rest as much as possible. If the team can get the turnover problem cured, it will go a long way towards a successful season.

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