Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman An All-Pro Sports Writer? Awesome

By Todd Pheifer
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks is a talented guy.

He plays cornerback and creates viral Twitter content. Now, he is adding to his lists of skills. Namely, he is a writer. Is he a columnist? Blogger? Contributor?

The label is not important. What is important is that Sherman is sharing his thoughts with the world, and Peter King has given him a column. Brilliant. Perhaps King will need to change his site from MMQB to MMCB.

If Roddy White of the Atlanta Falcons is correct and Sherman talked his way onto the All-Pro list, just imagine what the Stanford graduate can do with a regular forum on the Internet. Maybe he can talk his way into being voted Defensive Player of the Year this season.

Sherman did start his new career off with an interesting article, as he talks about his upbringing and what drives him on the football field. Some of this represent information that was already known, but it is interesting to hear guys like Sherman tell their story. Buy why is Sherman doing this? Why stir up more controversy or provide players with more fuel to challenge the outspoken cornerback?

This is just what Sherman does.

Perhaps he is already thinking ahead to his career after football. Obviously he won’t be working with Skip Bayless at ESPN. Then again, maybe they will eventually create a show together. It is interesting that Sherman shared a sentiment that I suspect others have felt in his article for SI:

“I know there are people out there — fans and other players — who say, “Just shut up and play.” But that’s not me. Never has been, never will be. I can’t make everyone out there happy.”

I must admit that I have occasionally thought that about Sherman. He is an amazing player, but he is still young and his list of accomplishments do not necessarily match the swagger. In some ways, you want him to minimize the talk until he actually wins a ring.

And yet, as he says, this is just the way he is. That swagger is what eventually may contribute to a Super Bowl victory for the Seahawks. In addition, this will provide an entertaining and possibly insightful look into the life of an interesting NFL player.

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