Tony Romo Under Less Pressure With New Contract, Could Help On the Field

By Andrew Fisher
Tony Romo
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As Tony Romo returns to the practice field following minor offseason surgery, Dallas Cowboys‘ fans will come back to the realization that their quarterback has been locked up through 2019 under a new contract. The new deal was a shock to many, but the reality is that Romo is the Cowboys’ best option for now.

It must be nice to get a pay raise after winning only one playoff game since taking over the team in 2006, but that’s exactly what Romo got. Even though he didn’t really deserve his raise, it could actually do wonders for his play on the field.

While some players would just pack it in after getting their big payday, Romo is not that guy. He’s a competitor and he wants to win. Even if you don’t like anything about him, you still have to respect his passion for the game. But when the lights have been on the brightest, Romo has been at his worst. When it gets to crunch time late in the season to make the playoffs, he often wilts away.

Maybe this new deal could change that? He no longer has to worry about losing his job, so that weight off his shoulders could possibly boost his confidence. Maybe, he just doesn’t care anymore and he’s going to go out there and simply play football. Because let’s face it, when Romo is relaxed and on top of his game, the dude is pretty lethal.

Perhaps I’m just being optimistic, but when people ask the question – what will be different with Tony Romo in 2013? The answer is that he now has job security like few in the NFL do.


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