Can New York Giants' Brandon Myers Duplicate Last Season's Success?

By Andrew Lecointe
Kirby Lee — USA Today Sports

Coming into the 2012 season, New York Giants’ TE Brandon Myers had 32 career receptions in three seasons with the Oakland Raiders. However, he had a breakout season with 79 catches in his final season with the Raiders. However, the Raiders didn’t see a need to keep him, so they let him go to the Giants in free agency.

Myers had one of the quietest breakout seasons in recent memory. He was having a decent season all year round, but wasn’t really noticed until his performance at home against the Cleveland Browns where he caught 14 passes for 130 yards and a touchdown. Even then, many people didn’t know he already accumulated 69 catches in the season and was on pace for 92 receptions.

The Giants feel they were able to scoop a valuable and productive player without breaking the bank. Former Giants’ TE Martellus Bennett had a solid season with the Giants, catching a career-high 55 passes and a career-high five touchdowns. QB Eli Manning doesn’t rely too much on his tight ends, so Bennett’s production was a plus, especially when WR Hakeem Nicks was hurt for the majority of the year.

It’ll be interesting to see how Myers performs in the Giants’ offense. It is highly unlikely he’ll match the production from his 2012 season with the Raiders. Simply put, as I’ve stated before, Manning doesn’t throw the ball a lot to tight ends. However, if Myers can be a reliable target over the middle for three to five catches a game, the Giants will be getting their money’s worth.

Myers could be a receiving weapon that adds to opposing defenses’ misery. That can only be a good thing for the Giants.


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