Have Washington Redskins Learned Their Lesson From Robert Griffin III's Knee?

By briancarroccio
Griffin with Brace
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well, we know Robert Griffin III has convinced the doctors he is good to go. But’s let be honest: as things stand now, that’s all we know.

Now, I suppose the fact Griffin has been cleared to practice by doctors is good news. The Washington Redskins quarterback, of course, suffered a gruesome knee injury in the team’s playoff loss last season. His injury, the ill-advised decision to keep him in the game while hobbling, and Griffin’s subsequent recovery have dominated headlines regarding the Redskins this offseason.

Like I said, the fact Griffin has been given a clean bill of health is certainly encouraging. Still, before we break out the burgundy and gold confetti, let’s be clear: while Griffin’s wobbly knee may in fact be healed, we still have no idea if either Griffin or head coach Mike Shanahan have addressed what actually caused of Griffin’s injury.

Has Griffin learned how better to judge his own limitations? Has he learned the difference between the noble attribute of playing through pain and playing injured?

Has Shanahan learned how to better gauge his young quarterback’s limitations? Will the notoriously ornery coach exercise greater caution when it comes to the franchise player’s health? Or will Shanahan stubbornly continue to insist that if Griffin is able to stand, he is able to play?

In short, have Shanahan and Griffin learned from their past mistakes?

Now, I want to be very clear. I am not “hating” on Shanahan or Griffin. While Shanahan isn’t the most friendly, engaging individual, the team has greatly professionalized since his arrival in 2010. Meanwhile, Griffin is the franchise player and the face of the franchise both on and off the field.

But I have likewise insisted all along, Griffin’s injured knee was not the problem so much as symptom of a larger problem: he and Shanahan’s mismanagement.

And if the knee is in fact recovered, we can now see if everyone has properly addressed what actually caused it.

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