New England Patriots Will Be Over Aaron Hernandez Very Quickly

By Andrew Fisher
New England Patriots
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

With Tom Brady‘s first comments, or lack thereof, towards the Aaron Hernandez murder charge, another obstacle is out of the way in the New England Patriots‘ recovery. This whole situation would have rocked a lesser franchise, but the Patriots have stood strong through it all, mainly because of their decision to quickly cut ties with the troubled tight end after his arrest.

Brady says he’s ‘moved on’ and we all know that Bill Belichick has already moved past this – so it’s really only a matter of time before everyone else in the organization is the same way. With the guys at the top of the team’s pyramid already over it, training camp will be business as usual for the Pats here in a few days.

Of course there will be lingering questions because this Hernandez case is not going away – but the Patriots will just continue to distance themselves from it. Offering a free jersey exchange, for example, was a brilliant P.R. move by the organization. It helped further rid the franchise of Hernandez’s name and it was a good way for fans to remove any trace of ever rooting for the guy.

You can bet that this whole ordeal will be fresh in the minds of Patriots’ players as they return for the 2013 season. Things will indeed be different on offense without him for awhile. But eventually, because of the way the Patriots are ran, their former gun-toting tight end will just be a part of the past.


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