Washington Redskins Need to Sit Robert Griffin III Until Week 1 of Regular Season

By Paul Seaver
Evan Habeeb-USA Today Sports

The Washington Redskins received some great news the other day when star quarterback Robert Griffin III was medically cleared to play for training camp. Great — let’s leave it at that and talk more about his playing status when Sep. 9 rolls around.

Although he is already being labeled as “unlikely” to play in the preseason, the Redskins shouldn’t even bother risking it, even if playing RGIII is nothing more than just a possibility. Their star quarterback is the biggest key, by far, to their potential this season and that’s simply based off the 2012 NFL season, which was his first in the league.

Fresh off a torn ACL, the Redskins have been and need to continue to be patient with Griffin. Sit him for the next month and a half and gather all the hoopla and momentum that you can for the season opener against the Philadelphia Eagles. Ironically enough, it’s a Monday night game, so Griffin literally gets the max recovery in terms of being ready to play for Week 1.

It appears that is likely going to be the plan, but Washington needs to simply make sure that’s the case. The whole “he needs game experience” argument shouldn’t even apply here, simply because of what RGIII was able to accomplish right off the bat in his first season with the NFL.

Health is the key, not experience.

Washington appears keen on doing just that, so let Kirk Cousins get his reps up and strengthen his own value as a second year NFL quarterback.

See you Week 1, Mr. Griffin.


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