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Washington Redskins QB Robert Griffin III Should Sit Out 2013 NFL Preseason

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Griffin with Brace

Evan Habeeb – USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins superstar quarterback Robert Griffin III has been cleared by team doctors to start practicing. However, this does not mean that Redskin fans will necessarily be able to watch him play in any preseason games.

In his days with the Denver Broncos, current Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan was known for being cautious about letting healing players who were coming back from major injuries play right away.

Shanahan is already stating that he learned his lesson from the 2012 season, in which Griffin was injured twice. In reference to the playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks, in which Griffin was already injured and continued to play, Shanahan stated, “One thing we’re going to make sure of is that Robert never plays if he’s not 100 percent.”

With Shanahan deciding to keep backup quarterback Kirk Cousins, who probably could be a starter in another city, veteran quarterback Rex Grossman and the new addition of hybrid quarterback Pat White to the current roster, it seems clear that he is obviously ready to replace Griffin should he get injured again.

Even Griffin acknowledges that the Redskins are going to play it safe with his injury:

Although Redskins fans are impatiently waiting to see Griffin play, they need to acknowledge that Shanahan knows what he is doing. It may seem that last season he made the wrong decision to leave Griffin in when he was already injured. However, Shanahan had all sorts of pressure barreling down his neck. He was expected to lead the Redskins to greatness, and he tried. But at what cost?

Griffin is the future of the Redskins’ franchise, and no one season is more important than his career. This is a lesson Shanahan has learned. Fans should bet that Griffin will not take any hits in the preseason.

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