Are Indianapolis Colts Wrong to Take Super Bowl or Bust Mentality?

By Michael Terrill
Are Indianapolis Colts Wrong to Take Super Bowl or Bust Mentality
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are soaring high with confidence this summer. The players are buying into what the coaches are saying and everyone believes another postseason berth is in the cards. In fact, many believe the Colts reaching the playoffs for a second consecutive season would only be a minor success. With that being said, is it wrong for Indianapolis to enter the 2013 NFL season with a Super Bowl or bust mentality?

Everyone coach of every team starts the year out by telling the players the ultimate goal is to reach the Super Bowl. There is only one reason to play the game and that is to win championships. Otherwise, there really is no point in pushing it to the limit in the dog days of summer and leaving blood and sweat on the gridiron during the regular season. However, it certainly can be dangerous for a young team to play with that kind of pressure.

Veteran wide receiver Reggie Wayne is not publicly saying the Super Bowl is a sure thing, but he is certainly hinting that he believes the Colts are on that level.

“Better than last year,” Wayne said when asked about his thoughts on the team heading into training camp, according to the Washington Post. “I hope that’s even more good news. I think we’re on schedule. I’m just a servant. But if you ask me for my opinion, I think everything’s on the up and up.”

There is no question the Colts have a very talented team that has the potential to do great things for several years to come, especially with head coach Chuck Pagano leading the charge. For that reason, it is important not to put too much pressure on second-year quarterback Andrew Luck and the other young players.

Winning a Super Bowl in 2013 would be great, and more importantly, it is a realistic possibility. However, the players must take it all in stride by focusing on one game at a time.

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